i love how thos web. can changes kids lifes this was so nice and smart of you to make this web.i am so proud of my son because of you he was like mommy mommy i learned my abcs! again thanks so much

love kelly falcoon

kelly falcoon

I have used Itchy's Alphabet products for several years with primary children . . . It makes it easy to teach children sound- to- letter correspondence. They quickly make the connection between the shape of the key word and the shape of the letter representing the initial sound. Children enjoy the clean, colourful artwork. They are highly motivated to practice when it means playing games such as "Go Fish" or "Memory". The cards and CD also provide fun and practical ways for parents to work with their child at home.

Barbara N. Kelowna, BC

I love what you've done and know it will help many students.

Nancy N. Elwood, KS

I have used Itchy's Alphabet with my Kindergarten class . . . for the first time this year. My students and I love it. . . . Thank you for devising this program. It is truly wonderful.

Graca H. Fort McMurray, AB

I teach kindergarten and last year I had four children enroll that had IEP's . . . They came to me with zero letter recognition. . . . They were taken out 4 days a week for a half hour and your program was used with them daily. By the end of November, these kids knew all letters as well as ? of their sounds. We owe this in part to you and your program!!! The connection was made for the kids visually and they celebrated great successes that year. . . . Thank you very much for offering another way "that works".

Angela B. Golden CO

I've been tutoring a second grader with a significant reading and writing disability. Her teachers used all of the traditional strategies to eliminate the (b/d) reversal as did I, but nothing was successful. That is, until I used your "b/d Reversal Strategy". This is really magic! For the first time, this child has a strategy that she can understand and use on her own! The "key word pictures" that look like the shape of the letter are a stroke of genius and the fluency drills with criteria for mastery for both writing and reading are nothing short of phenomenal! Again, thank you so much for all of your materials and for everything you do for children with disabilities and the teachers who serve them.

Dr. M. Habiger, Snellville, GA

We have been using your system for a couple of weeks now. The students I work with have a very difficult time remembering letters and sounds. I have tried many, many, many strategies over the years and I am very excited about Itchy's Alphabet. So far, the two students I am concentrating on have done ok. . . . Thank you for a great product.

Laurie J Tukwila WA

Thank you, these are great!

Caroline O. Kentbridge, ON

Itchy's Alphabet cards are well-liked by my students. They provide colorful, visual cues for children who need help in retrieving letter names/sounds. Thanks, Brenda!

Sandra J. Kelowna, BC

I work with children requiring learning assistance, and the picture cues are great.

Sharri T. North Vancouver, BC

A colleague is using Itchy and is having great success.

Maria M. Nanoose Bay, BC

Thanks for your great alphabet and related products. I teach Kindergarten . . . and I think my kids are getting a better start on sound/symbol relationships, and letter formations. . . . the kids love "Itchy".

Wendy S. Coquitlam BC

The Kindergarten and Gr. 2 kids are really enjoying and learning from your program!

Heather B. Gibsons, BC

I love your products and teaching approach.

Shirley Z. Vancouver BC

I have purchased "Itchy's flip book" a few years back and have enjoyed your brilliant creativity. It has helped the children recognize, recall and retain the letters of the alphabet. I have transferred to another school and I must say the flip chart is missed and I would like to obtain another copy.

Teri P. Oceanside CA

Dear Itchy,
I love your products! I used your ABC Flip Book and the kids had fun and laughed.

K. Archer, Morse TX

Today we talked about presidents. The children all voted for Itchy! We had come cookies for a Valentines Day treat. They were decorated with x's and o's. We skipped ahead and learned about the letter x and Itchy gave everyone a kiss! We have so much fun with Itchy!

Terri A., Tacoma WA

One of the mothers has just bought some of your materials this week, for her little (special needs) girl, and was talking about how great it is.

Barbara L. Vancouver, BC

I bought a set of Itchy materials from you at an IRA some years back. I loved it and used it and finally gave it away to somebody who needed it badly (another teacher).

Teacher Tammy, WA

I was not happy with the phonics alphabet I was using as the children did not relate it to the shape of the letter, so I searched the Internet for a visual alphabet and your site came up. I teach new entrants (5 year olds) and since starting using your alphabet a few years ago have noticed that the children learn their letter sounds much more easily. it makes much more sense to them! So thanks from Auckland New Zealand children!


Vivien A

My students love your products!

Mrs. D.

Thank you again for a very informative and exciting session. I feel I have gained so much more knowledge and will be able to reach more children. This is especially important as my school has a transient and low SES population.

Megan - AB

Love using Itchy's Alphabet for my K's!

Nancy B

I am using the Itchy Program in my Kindergarten and love it.

Anne S

I love your product! I have had much better success teaching Kindergarten students the alphabet this year than in the past! (Note: Jessica is using the French Program!)

Jessica M. AB

I do have to tell you Itchy's Alphabet has been my go-to program for years to use with kinders and first graders who cannot learn the letter sounds any other way. Itchy always works for them and on my recommendation a kinder teacher has ordered the program for herself. so a big thanks to Itchy and to you for this teaching tool!

Vicki WA

Hello, I love your program by the way. We use to start out with and it is amazing to see results so quickly.

Debbie J

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and info on literacy development. Very insightful and great to hear what I've been trying to say for a long time about alphabet sounds versus names.

Gillian, AB

I also want you to know how helpful your illustrated sight word cards have helped my struggling kiddos. It's so much more fun learning those words with your cards and the kids can remember and read words. If a student hesitates when reading a sight word I start the action and he shouts it out before I finish.

Stephanie B, KS

I am very grateful I was able to meet you and itchy at the teachers convention. at Nashville
I love your preschool program!!!
Is fun, easy and children are loving it!!!

Sonia P

I love using itchy with my grade ones! Itchy is always a classroom favourite!

Paige L.

Your products really help young children make the letter/sound connection. I've used your alphabet cards, plush vowels, and alphabet booklet with my younger remediation students. Thank you for all your hard work.

Debbie R

I am so impressed with Itchy's alphabet, and it is spreading through my community. 1 other teacher at my school and one at a neighboring school have ordered it from you in the past year and a half or so. Thank you for the great visual alphabet-- I absolutely love it! And I would love to see the video that you've put together, too. Anything using that great alphabet catches my (and my students') attention right away!

Christine H.

the plush vowels are beyond awesome!!!

Lori F

I love using Itchy!

Patti R

I love your program it's my first year as a kinder teacher and it's been an amazing help!!

Lara K